huhuhu..kotak nie disediakan utk kemudahan anda semua..nak sembang ka apa ka ekot suka ati angpa laaa..janji happy..muahahahaha..gune kan ia dgn seadanya..ahaks..
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Now I Just Realize~

last night,
i take a super long time to think bout what actually already happen in my life.
i think why i still keep thinking bout her,
and why she suddenly pop-up in my memories.
before this its nothing and i just go through my life without thinking bout her.
in the middle of the night i realize.
God already gave me someone.
someone to make me happy,
someone to make me to forget about all sadness in my life,
someone is there for me all the time,
someone is there to help me no matter what,
BUT i'm just to stupid to realize it now.
because that someone is not with me anymore.
its true,when we loose someone then we'll know what they have done.
and its to late now,
sorry dear God cos i'm not taking a good care of Your gift.
yah i know its to late already.
i'm so sorry.
and to that someone,
i'm sorry also.
i regret what i've done.
i've hurt u a lot.
i dont know what i should do to repay u.
i owe u a lot.
and i know,
a man like me does not suitable for u.
i'm afraid to lose u,
but now its become reality.
just want you to know.
i still love you.
i still need you.

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