huhuhu..kotak nie disediakan utk kemudahan anda semua..nak sembang ka apa ka ekot suka ati angpa laaa..janji happy..muahahahaha..gune kan ia dgn seadanya..ahaks..
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Me =)

~The Basics~
Name:: zhafri
Age:: 20
Hair Color:: black
Eye Color:: brown i guess
Nickname(s):: zhaf
Height:: 178 cm
Mood Right Now:: bored~~~~~
Color:: purple&black
Animal:: cat
Sport:: basketball
Season:: winter
Song:: negaraku
TV Show:: The Nanny
~This or That~
Day or Night:: night
Hugs or Kisses:: hugs
Love or Money:: love
Movies or Music:: movies
Big Crowds or Little Crowds:: little crowds
Black or White:: black
Water or Fire:: water
Drums or Guitar:: drums
~Have You Ever~
Danced in the Rain:: kecik2 dulu ade ar XP
Honked a Car Horn at Strangers:: LOL..
Done Something Illegal:: yup
Done Something You Regret:: yes =(
Cried in a Movie?: tak penah~
Done Drugs:: sudah cuci tangan
Smiled for No Reason:: giler?
Thought About Something and Laughed Really Loud:: yes and aku suke gelak kuat2..
Gone to ANY Camp:: camping! bwahahah..
Said Something No One Else Got:: (-_-')
Said Something That Others Took Wrong:: hahaha..a'ah..
Been Told to Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter:: lagi laa aku tak paham (-_-')
Wanted Someone You Could Have:: nak sangat =(
Fallen Down in Public:: err??tak penah kot..
Done Something Someone Said You Could Never Do:: yes.. ngeh ngeh ngeh..
Kissed A Stranger:: erk..define stranger please.. XD
Kissed The Same Sex:: a'ah..shiom tangan jer ar..
~Do You~
Drink:: now..?na'ah
Smoke:: tak tinggal..huakahkahkah..
Like To Party:: tak jugak
Get Embarrassed Easily:: easily embarrassed peoplea ade ah..
Take Drugs:: sudah bersih ma~ (=.=")
Keep Your Promises:: tengok orang..kalo orang tuu bnyak buat taik sorry ar..
Like to Talk:: yup~~~~~~~~hobi..
Speak Your Mind:: kalo boleh..
Have You Ever Wished Someone Would Die?: ohooooooooo..last 2 years ade..skrg ampun kan saje..
Would You EVER Skydive:: nak sangat~~
Do You Think There's Gold on the Other End of a Rainbow?: duuuuh~fairytale..
What CD Have You Listened to Most Lately?: tak beli CD..donlod jer..
What's the One Thing You Would Bring With You to a Deserted Island?: my pe***..huakahkahkah..
Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?: yes..
What's the Latest You've Ever Stayed Up?: till 3 pm the next day.. XD
Whats Your Greatest Strength?: hmm..friends..
Weaknesses?: gurlfriend =(
What's the Compliment You Receive Most?: muke cam budak2..
~In A Bf/ Gf~
Favorite body part?: eyes
Something you need?: nahhhh..ape yang ade dah perfect..
Prefered eye color?: ntah
Hair color?: black
Height?: 5'5"
Style?: modern
Serious or funny?: funny
Are looks important to you?: depends
~Last Questions~
Are you happy with your life?: boleh2 laa
Been through any major changes lately?: hmmm..
Do you live life to the fullest?: entah~~
Who do you always want in your life?: tyra =)
Believe that your dreams/wishes will come true?: BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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