huhuhu..kotak nie disediakan utk kemudahan anda semua..nak sembang ka apa ka ekot suka ati angpa laaa..janji happy..muahahahaha..gune kan ia dgn seadanya..ahaks..
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Monday, October 19, 2009


nie sebenarnye aku buat survey ddekat facebook nyer application..tak tau laa betol ke tak..korg sndri nilai ar..wkwkwkwkwkw..

1.What do you need most in a relationship?

Comfort & Physical

You have a certain innocence about you.You want the simple things in life. You love hugs,kisses, and being in the arms of the person you love. You want to feel protected,loved, and adored. You like your lover to initiate the first move and on some occasions you like a little aggressiveness but for the most part you need physical affection in order to maintain happy relationship.

2.What is your personality?

Bubbly and exciting

You are buble and exciting, you love being around people. You are normally found running around the mall with a group of friends.Some people look up to you.

3.What Naruto Charcter are you?


You are determind to get the one you love you never give up you are clumsy and a very fun person but dont let your anger get the best of you! loveable r u??

In between

This is a good thing.You are not too clingy or to mean you are a good lover.

5.Which Powerpuff Girls charactor are you? <3


You are tough and you won't let ANYONE question that! :D

p/s: dah ar aku tak larat buat survey nie..muahahahaaa..korg try2 laa ye..sajer jer isi mase lapang sambil tka buat ape2..

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